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Synthetic Drug Addiction Treatment for Women

Synthetic drugs are considered Schedule I substances as of 2012. They are also known as “designer drugs'' and mimic the effects of other substances, such as narcotics or hallucinogens. People who use synthetic drugs risk legal issues, serious health consequences, and problems at work, school, or in other parts of life, such as family life and interpersonal relationships. Casa Serena provides synthetic drug addiction treatment for women in Santa Barbara, California. As a women-owned and -operated treatment center, we are here to give you or the woman in your life who needs treatment a comfortable and caring place to heal. Casa Serena treats substance abuse through a whole-person approach. We’re trauma-informed and help women from all walks of life, including pregnant women, veterans, professionals, and those who need dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Contact our drug addiction treatment center in California to learn more about how we can help you get treatment for synthetic drugs and reclaim your life.

How We Help

How Casa Serena’s Treatment Programs Can Help With Women's Synthetic Drug Abuse

Casa Serena offers a full continuum of care to meet our clients’ needs, including women's synthetic drug abuse. During the admission process, Casa Serena staff will work with you to decide on a starting level of care. Some women benefit most from inpatient drug rehab; others opt to start with outpatient services. Here are Casa Serena’s programs and a little bit about what to expect in each.

Many, but not all, women entering treatment at Casa Serena start with our medical detoxification (detox) program. Attending detox can be important for multiple reasons. Reasons to attend our medical detox facility in California for synthetic drugs include but aren’t limited to:

  • Safe discontinuation of substances: In some cases, getting off of drugs and alcohol can be dangerous, especially if the change is abrupt and you do not have access to medical care. Detox is designed to help clients reach medical stability in an environment where staff members can monitor their symptoms. 
  • Lowered risk of relapse: The initial stages of sobriety can come with a high potential for relapse. In detox, medical staff are present 24/7, and we will help you plan for the next stages of your recovery journey, such as residential treatment. 
  • Withdrawal management: Even when withdrawals are not dangerous, they can cause discomfort. Medications and other treatments or comforts can be provided to help you get through the initial process of getting off of substances in detox.

Medical detox lasts for about one to two weeks in most cases. After reaching stability in detox, you can transition to one of our inpatient or outpatient treatment programs at Casa Serena to do the inner healing work crucial for lasting substance abuse recovery.

Our residential program addresses the underlying causes of addiction and helps women rebuild their lives after substance abuse in a high-end, serene environment. Residential treatment can be an ideal starting point for clients because it provides 24/7 supervision from staff in a drug- and alcohol-free space. As a residential client, you’ll live on-site at Casa Serena and will engage in an intensive treatment schedule. 

Your weekly women’s inpatient treatment schedule at Casa Serena will include regular groups, individual therapy sessions, recreation activities, meals, and other services. We use a range of evidence-based treatments and services, including but not limited to:

  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Specialized groups (e.g., grief and loss groups)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Career counseling and reintegration
  • Trauma resiliency model (TRM)
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Stress management 
  • Family therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Life skills
  • Nutrition 
  • Tai chi

Our top-rated women’s inpatient treatment program at Casa Serena is immersive and lets you focus 100% on yourself and your healing away from daily life triggers. That way, you will leave treatment as prepared as possible, with a full set of coping skills, newfound confidence, and a plan for your next steps.

Outpatient treatment can be ideal for women seeking synthetic drug addiction treatment who have minor symptoms, need to tend to family responsibilities, work, or school while in treatment, or are transitioning out of a higher level of care. 

The therapies used at Casa Serena’s premier women’s outpatient center are the same as those our residential clients engage in. However, outpatient clients at Casa Serena are able to go home or return to our sober living facilities once the day is over.

We offer full-day and half-day programming for outpatient clients so that you can choose the schedule that fits your needs. 

Millie’s House, Casa Serena’s signature supportive living home, provides a substance-free space for those seeking women’s sober living in Santa Barbara. Our transitional living home combines the freedom and autonomy of a standard home environment with community and accountability. Outpatient clients and those who are not in treatment but are continuing their recovery journey can benefit from sober living.

One of the things that makes Casa Serena unique is our lifetime aftercare program. Once you graduate from any of Casa Serena’s programs, you’ll have lifetime access to our alumni groups and events.

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Signs and Symptoms

Identifying the Need for Treatment: Signs and Symptoms of Synthetic Drug Abuse in Women

Synthetic drugs come in different forms, such as bath salts and synthetic cannabinoids like Spice or K2. Some signs of synthetic drug addiction depend on the specific substance, and not everyone will experience the same set of symptoms. Common signs and symptoms of drug abuse include but aren’t limited to the following:

Anxiety, paranoia, severe or unusual tiredness, and other symptoms may also occur. If you or a woman in your life has or might have an addiction to synthetic drugs, contact Casa Serena to learn more about synthetic drug addiction treatment for women today.

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