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Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab to fit your needs can be a challenge. You need to find a rehab center that provides evidence-based treatment programs and services you need, multiple levels of care, and experienced treatment staff with years of proven experience, among other considerations. While those considerations are vital, the individualized treatment you would receive from that “perfect rehab” will be all for naught if you cannot afford treatment. That is why, for Anthem policyholders, finding an Anthem rehab center may be critical. 

If you have Anthem as your insurance carrier, finding a quality rehab that accepts your coverage is a tremendous blessing and comfort. Not only will you get the best care possible, but you may also save thousands of dollars in costs that would come out of your pocket. 

Casa Serena is a top-tier Anthem drug and alcohol rehab in Southern California. Call us today and learn more about our evidence-based treatment programs in Santa Barbara.

Anthem Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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Anthem Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Anthem is the second largest health plan-owned insurance company, serving nearly 14 million people in the United States. Anthem is a subsidiary of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and as a whole, they serve nearly 70 million people nationwide. Like all health insurance providers, Anthem is required under the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) to provide coverage for substance abuse and mental health services. Under provisions in the ACA, substance abuse and mental health treatment are considered essential health benefits.

As a result, all plans, including Anthem, must cover behavioral health treatment such as psychotherapy and counseling, behavioral inpatient services, and substance abuse treatment services. The percentage that Anthem addiction treatment insurance will cover will be dependent on the state you live in and the level of insurance you have with Anthem. If you have questions regarding your coverage, contact customer service or talk to an admissions specialist at an Anthem alcohol rehab center.

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Does Anthem Cover Drug
and Alcohol Rehab?

As stated in the previous section, Anthem does provide its clients’ drug and alcohol rehab coverage through provisions in the ACA. As also previously stated, the actual coverage you receive depends on the plan you have, the specific level of coverage you have, and whether the Anthem drug and alcohol rehab is in or out-of-network. Generally speaking, Anthem will cover residential drug treatment programs if the facility treatment staff develops and implements a comprehensive treatment plan that is individualized to meet the client’s specific needs. The following treatment services are generally covered, provided that treatment professionals act within the scope of their license:

Individual and group psychotherapy

Medication management (MAT)

Psychological testing

Office and clinic visits

Semiprivate room and board


If an Anthem women’s rehab is in-network, there is usually an admission co-pay plus a percentage of the plan allowance. The amount of the co-pay and percentages are dependent on your plan level. If a rehab is out-of-network, you may receive coverage for treatment services, but there will be higher co-pays, and the plan would pay less coinsurance. With out-of-network providers, there would be services that are non-covered, and you would have to pay out-of-pocket. In the event that services are covered, you may pay higher deductibles and co-pays.

Regarding Anthem outpatient addiction rehab, programs and services are covered as long they are provided and billed by a covered facility. The services covered would be the same as those found in residential treatment and would be a percentage of the plan allowance and the deductible. 

When choosing an Anthem alcohol rehab center, it is most beneficial to choose a provider who is in-network. In-network providers are contracted to provide services for Anthem clients and will do so at a much cheaper rate. In fact, some services may be completely covered. You need to speak to a customer service representative at Anthem or the admissions specialist at the Anthem drug and alcohol rehab center to find out the extent of your coverage.

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How to Verify Anthem
Insurance Coverage

For many people, the process of verifying their insurance brings significant anxiety. Generally speaking, the cost of a drug rehab program runs in the tens of thousands of dollars. The last thing you want to deal with is holes in your insurance coverage that would force you pay thousands of dollars out of your pocket. To help minimize anxiety and make the process easier, you must understand your plan and know exactly want services are and aren't covered under your plan. This information will make it easier to choose an Anthem drug treatment facility that has the programs you need to achieve lasting recovery.

First, you need to thoroughly read and review your substance abuse and mental health coverage in your plan brochure. Look at your coverage for inpatient and outpatient treatment and what services would be covered and at what percentages. Second, call Anthem and speak to an insurance agent. They will be able to walk you through your plan and give you an estimated cost of the services you need in treatment. If you have questions—ask!

With that information, contact the admissions specialist at the facility you are looking to attend. It is crucial that you know if the Anthem outpatient addiction rehab you wish to attend is in or out of network. When you know this information, you will know what goes to your deductible, you co-pay for certain services, and whether services will be covered or not covered under your plan. For the most part, network facilities will cover most services fully, or significant portions of services will be covered under your plan. If the rehab is out of network, you may have limited coverage. In the event that you have significant out-of-pocket expenses, treatment facilities will have alternate payment methods available so you can get the treatment you need. These alternatives can include sliding fee scales and scholarships. The number one goal of Anthem addiction treatment facilities is to treat all people who seek services regardless of their ability to pay.

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Casa Serena Accepts Anthem Insurance

With your Anthem insurance, you are able to attend a quality drug treatment program. For 60 years, Casa Serena has helped women in Southern California get the tools and support they need to find long-term sobriety. Our evidence-based treatment programs, multiple levels of care, and a broad spectrum of holistic and traditional therapies will empower you to transform your life. We work with your Anthem insurance plan, and our experienced admissions team will review your plan with you. Call Casa Serena toll-free today and start your recovery journey through our women's rehab center in Southern California.

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