The Family Program at Casa Serena

At Casa Serena, we rebuild trusting relationships and show you how to create healthy boundaries. Recognizing that families are essential partners in building strategies for a healthy family system, we have designed a special Family Program to provide education, treatment, and support to the families, children and loved ones afflicted by the devastating effects of substance abuse and mental health disorders,

We teach families how to support their loved ones’ recovery process, while providing them the tools they need for their own recovery.

As a family member, you’ve asked yourself these questions over and over again, without concrete answers.

Casa Serena Family Program

This unique program is made up of 5 essential components that work together in creating positive change

The Family Program at Casa Serena provides comprehensive, targeted therapy for each unique family unit, promoting relationship building, education, collaboration, problem solving, and conflict resolution. The end result is a happier, healthier family system with newfound respect and understanding for each member.

Family Psychoeducation

As a family member, nothing can feel more powerless than watching your loved one spiral downward in the disease of addiction. This group welcomes family members of our current clients to join us in learning how you can acquire new skills in developing positive strategies for change.

Our Multi-Family Process Group

Do you ever wonder what your loved one’s life might look like in recovery? This process group welcomes current clients, alumni, current family members and alumni family members to share their experience and offer hope to those still struggling.

Our Parenting Group

As a treatment program for women, we understand the importance of a mother’s connection to her children. We foster the reunification process of mothers and children through evidence-based techniques, providing mothers with new skills for raising children in a sober environment.

Our Alumni & Aftercare Group

Alumni can have an impactful presence for new clients. As a means of encouraging continued engagement for all alumni, this program creates community and maximizes sustained recovery through weekly meetings and activities.

Our Individual Family Sessions

These sessions are offered to current clients and families in our program to engage participants with interventions that directly address the multidimensional causes of an unhealthy family system.

For Families

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