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Introduction to Intensive
Outpatient Programs

Seeking help to overcome addiction is the first step on a journey towards lasting health and wellness. There are several different treatment program options or “levels of care” you can choose from to help you achieve sobriety. A common question many have is, “which program is right for me?” Deciding on and selecting the best program fit is essential to ensuring you receive the best level of care, treatment support, and mental health care throughout the course of your treatment program. So, where do you start? The first step is understanding what you need in a treatment program and what level of care can meet your needs.

Introduction to IOP Programs for Women

People often envision an inpatient or residential rehab program when people think about addiction treatment. While residential treatment is ideal for certain people, it may be a higher level of intensity than you need. Conversely, a traditional outpatient program might not provide enough support or structure to help you achieve lasting health and wellness. If this describes your circumstances, an intensive outpatient program for women might be the best fit.

Intensive outpatient programs, also called IOPs, combine some of the best aspects of inpatient and outpatient care into a program that can meet the treatment needs of many people. IOPs are often a transitional or “next step” between inpatient addiction treatment and a traditional outpatient program. Depending on your unique treatment needs, an IOP may be an ideal first course of treatment. A member of our admissions team at our IOP in Santa Barbara can work with you or your loved one to help determine the ideal level of care to meet your needs before starting treatment.

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Why Choose IOP Over
Outpatient Rehab

Each addiction treatment program licensed to operate in the United States provides evidence-based, comprehensive care to help you achieve lasting sobriety. However, the path you take to achieving sobriety varies with the level of care offered at the program. The different types or levels of care (residential or inpatient, intensive outpatient, and outpatient) offer varying levels of treatment intensity and treatment duration.

At our residential program, participants stay here at our women’s treatment center while participating in therapy. The residential environment allows you to place your complete focus on healing and overcoming addiction. During inpatient treatment in Southern California, you will have access to 24/7 care and support from our team of caring and compassionate medical and mental health professionals. They will provide the care you need to address your physical, emotional, and nutritional health while focusing on healing from addiction. Inpatient or residential programs are ideal for someone struggling with a severe addiction or who has experienced relapse after previously going to rehab.

Outpatient care is on the other end of the spectrum. Outpatient programs allow you to seek necessary addiction treatment care and support while still living at home. Outpatient programs are generally more flexible and structured around helping you achieve your treatment needs on a schedule that considers other obligations such as work and family. Outpatient treatment programs ensure anyone motivated to get well can attend group therapy, individual therapy, or peer support sessions in the evenings or other times that do not conflict with their schedule. Because outpatient programs are less intensive than traditional inpatient care, they often last six months or more as it can take longer to reach your treatment goals.

An intensive outpatient program also allows you to reside at home while going to addiction treatment therapy. Some people chose an IOP as a transitional step between residential and outpatient treatment. Many people choose an IOP because the care provided is equally as intense as they would find in a residential program, but they do not have to leave home to get well. As previously mentioned, removing the “residential” component to treatment allows more people to access intensive addiction treatment care in a manner that is conducive to their needs.

The Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs in
Santa Barbara

Perhaps the most significant benefit to choosing an intensive outpatient program in Santa Barbara is being able to receive comprehensive, intensive addiction treatment in a care setting that allows you to remain fully engaged with your daily activities and your family. One of the key reasons people often choose to forego addiction treatment is because they cannot or do not want to leave home to go to a residential program. An IOP program for women allows you to remain involved in most, if not all, of your family and work-related activities while working towards sobriety.

An IOP program may be a beneficial first step if you have a mild to moderate substance use disorder and your home environment is free from substance use triggers. While many people choose outpatient level care because it allows them to remain at home, staying in an environment surrounded by triggers can also be one of the most significant challenges to intensive outpatient treatment. For some, this ongoing exposure to the triggers, including people, events, and places, that remind you of or encourage you to use, will inevitably hinder your recovery. However, if you are motivated to get sober and your home environment is supportive and free from substance use triggers, you may find more significant benefit, comfort, and success in an IOP for women.

Another benefit of an IOP program is group therapy or peer support groups. Actively engaging in these groups as part of your IOP treatment plan offers the opportunity to give and receive support from like-minded peers who share similar challenges. You will find that other members of your therapy group are moms, wives, or caretakers who struggle to manage the challenges of overcoming addiction while still maintaining their responsibilities to their families. You will also engage with other group members who may be further down the path to recovery and who can provide insight and support as they are familiar with the challenges associated with early sobriety.

Group therapy sessions also provide a chance to work on and improve communication skills that can be vital to maintaining effective (and safe) interactions with others after treatment ends. By participating in peer support groups and group activities, you can learn to engage in social events without using drugs or alcohol to feel comfortable. Group and individual therapy sessions are also utilized to help you develop and practice healthier and safer coping tools needed to manage exposure to relapse stressors and triggers in the future.

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The journey to overcoming a substance use disorder or co-occurring disorder will look different for everyone. At Casa Serena, we understand that women struggle with addiction differently than men and differently from other women. For this reason, we work with each patient at our IOP program for women to develop a comprehensive treatment plan focused on their specific needs and goals. These individualized treatment plans are vital to safely and effectively achieving lasting sobriety. Casa Serena provides professional addiction treatment for Women in Los Angeles, CA. Contact our admissions team at Casa Serena today if you are ready to begin your journey to sobriety and want to learn more about our IOP program for women in Santa Barbara. Let us help you take your first steps towards a future free from drug and alcohol addiction.
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