We have been treating women with trauma, mental health and substance use disorders for over 61 years and are dedicated to ensuring a high rate of success and positive outcomes in every category.

Closely following our clients throughout the treatment process, our Outcome Study routinely assesses the emotional and behavioral levels of functioning along the way. This allows us to modify their treatment plans as needed to achieve best possible outcomes, while measuring the overall impact of our program.

And because we believe strongly in program evaluation as a means of continuous improvement, we regularly survey clients, family, and staff members as a means of assessing ourselves and ensuring we exceed the standard.

By synthesizing this information we are able to ensure you or your loved one receives the highest quality of care.

Casa Serena Treatment Program

Our Outcome Statistics

12 months after completion of treatment 68% remained sober

9 months after completion of treatment 90.9% were either employed or in school

Upon completion of treatment 72.7% reported improved self esteem

After 4 weeks in treatment 84% showed an anxiety level to 5 or lower

Upon completion of treatment 89.5% reported improved ability to manage conflict

Upon completion of treatment 92% reported improved ability to manage their moods

Upon completion of trauma program 81.2% reported reductions in trauma related behavior patterns

Upon completion of treatment 100% reported they had a better understanding of how to support their recovery

Upon completion of treatment 79% noted a significant decrease in their feelings of hopeless ships with friends & family

Upon completion of treatment 100% reported improved relationships with friends & family

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