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Women's Trauma Program

At Casa Serena, we believe that in order to recover from the deep trauma which often lies beneath substance use and mental health disorders, you must feel completely safe and comfortable. This is why we offer a recovery space that is absent of a mixed population to better support your journey toward a new life.


What is Trauma?

Trauma is the body’s emotional response to any event you may find physically or emotionally harmful. Trauma incurs a wide range of emotions such as feeling helpless, shocked or overwhelmed. Trauma is often caused by; domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, severe illness or injury, the death of a loved one, witnessing an act of violence and natural disasters. If you have experienced trauma you may feel:

These feelings are normal, and you do not have to experience these feelings alone. Casa Serena’s experienced staff of psychiatrists and therapists are highly trained in the areas of acute trauma, complex trauma and chronic trauma.

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