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Casa Serena offers targeted, evidence-based options through integrated, compassionate care where whole-person healing results in total wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

There are many different levels of care in addiction treatment. Inpatient care is typically very beneficial for those who struggle with a severe addiction, require medically assisted detox, or who have completed treatment and experienced relapse. However, suppose you have recently completed an inpatient addiction treatment program and do not feel ready yet to be "on your own" or have a mild substance abuse issue. In that case, outpatient treatment may be the most beneficial treatment option. If you are motivated to seek addiction treatment, however, obligations at home such as work or family hinder your ability to be away from home, outpatient rehab can offer the essential flexibility you need to overcome addiction.

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The Benefits of Our Women's Outpatient Center

At Casa Serena, we provide all the tools you need to step into a new life worth living. Our Mental Health Outpatient Programs support your recovery by helping you gain the knowledge and strength to empower you in finding your joy. Driven by an evidence-based curriculum and combined with holistic practices, this comprehensive mental health program lets you go through the levels of care to support your individual needs. Our women’s outpatient center allows you to seek addiction treatment while remaining at home. The structure of an outpatient addiction rehab will enable you to maintain the elements of your regular routine, such as employment and family responsibilities while attending therapy sessions throughout the week. Many outpatient programs last longer than inpatient programs; however, the specific duration of your program will depend on your specific treatment needs and goals.

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Our Outpatient Services for Women

We know that recovery is a process. Therefore, we offer multiple options designed to move you through the phases of treatment at your own pace. You will receive group and individual therapy and medication support with a tailored schedule designed to meet your work and/or school needs.

Therapy sessions in an outpatient rehab setting often consist of a combination of individual, group, and family sessions. At Casa Serena, our outpatient programs include a wide variety of evidence-based therapy models. We offer full and half-day schedules with a rotating curriculum to ensure you receive a comprehensive program. These are a small sample of some of the options you will have.

DBT Immersion Program

Process groups and treatment address: Coaching and Skill Building Mindfulness Radical Acceptance Impulsivity

Grief and Loss

This group addresses unresolved personal grief and loss as well as feelings of grief and loss associated with the recovery process.

ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This skill-building and role-playing group is designed to improve emotional regulation and enhance the client's ability to manage distress tolerance.

Beyond Trauma: A Healing Journey for Women

This integrated, strength-based curriculum focuses on the kinds of trauma women are most at risk of experiencing and helps women recover from the effects of trauma in their lives.

Stress Management

This group is designed to help clients who struggle with allowing stress and anxiety to interfere in their daily life.

Coping with Depression

Developing strong connections with others suffering from debilitating depressive disorders and sharing stories about the struggles of coping provide therapeutic healing.

Anger Management

This interactive psycho-education group focuses on techniques and strategies for both recognizing and managing anger while exploring the psychology of anger.

Life Transitions

Handling life transitions can feel like the world has been turned upside down, causing feelings of emotional discomfort, mourning, fear, anxiety, and depression. This process group explores healthy coping mechanisms for change and life transitions.

Somatic Experiencing

This group offers a holistic strategy to achieve healing and resolution of trauma or emotional wounds. This group promotes awareness and release of physical tension that proponents believe remains in the body in the aftermath of trauma.

Staying Sober: Relapse Prevention

This group is designed to interrupt the maladaptive thought processes that lead to relapse and concentrates on developing a concrete relapse prevention plan.

Body Mind Balance Program

Process groups and treatment address: Anxiety and Perfectionism Body Positivity and Self Image Taking Back Your Power Cravings, Fears and Desires

Discovering Wellness Program

Process groups and treatment address: Shame & Trauma Resilience Attachment Styles & Relationships Emotional Intelligence & Effective Communication Relapse & Recovery

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Continue Your Journey of Recovery in at Our Santa Barbara Outpatient Rehab

At our Santa Barbara outpatient rehab, we offer the same treatment options provided as part of our inpatient programs in a luxury, flexible outpatient environment. We understand time away from home, and your family may not be possible for everyone. At our women's outpatient program, we can help you achieve sobriety while remaining integrated with your family and community.
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