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50% of all women will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime
74% of women struggling with addiction reported experiencing sexual abuse
4.3 million women struggle with managing their mental health
221 milion women a year use illicit drugs during their pregnancy
80 babies are born in the United States every day with a substance dependency, and it can take 14 years for their symptoms to subside
  • Women are twice as likely to develop PTSD and experience a longer duration of past Traumatic Stress symptoms.
  • Women experience depression at nearly twice the rate of men, and clinical depression occurs most frequently in women ages 23 to 44.
  • Panic Disorders occur earlier in women, and women are more likely to have multiple psychiatric disorders in their lifetime than men.
  • Women who have experienced sexual abuse are 5 times more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.
1 in 30 women binge drink during pregnancy
1 out of every 6 women have been the victim of sexual assault in the United States