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We have been providing Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Women in Santa Barbara, California for over 60 years.

Located in beautiful Santa Barbara a few blocks from the ocean, Casa Serena is truly a destination treatment and rehab center for women in recovery from addiction, mental health struggles, and eating disorders.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we have the freedom and ability to place all our funding dollars into the life-saving treatment and services that deliver best ethically minded care.

01 - Our Philosophy

Casa Serena sees you as a whole person, not just your diagnosis. We are a unique program placing focus on specific issues to women in recovery, including mothers who are facing hard issues their disease has brought upon their children and families.

02 - Our Mission

To help women and their families recover from addiction by providing evidence-based treatment services while building community, instilling self-determination, and empowering them with educational opportunities and financial literacy.

03 - Our History

Casa Serena opened its doors to alcoholic women in 1959 primarily through the efforts of Mildred Pinheiro. Recovering from alcoholism herself, she wanted to open the home “because there was no place in Santa Barbara for a woman alcoholic to go for help.” We became a 501(c)(3) in 1973.

04 - Our Legacy

For over 60 years, we have helped thousands of women recover from their addictions to alcohol & drugs, while managing dual diagnosis mental health disorders. We are Santa Barbara’s only licensed and Joint Commission accredited nonprofit, residential treatment & rehab program for women.

Casa Serena

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Casa Serena

Treatment for Women, By Women

For alcoholics and addicts in crisis, we provide immediate stabilization with medically managed residential detox. Once women have been safely titrated off drugs and alcohol, they begin our residential dual diagnosis rehab program, where underlying issues of substance abuse are addressed, and evidence-based interventions are delivered for long-term successful outcomes. Upon completion of residential treatment, women can transition to our outpatient program, while still remaining in a structured and supportive transitional living environment.

At this level of rehab, women are learning to practice their new recovery skills while still receiving extensive alcohol and drug treatment. During the outpatient level of treatment, we incorporate vital life skills with our Job Readiness, Continuing Education, and Parenting Programs, all individually designed to give women the critical tools needed to remain sober and create a new, healthy life. Women are welcome to receive all of these services while either residing in our structured transitional living home or independently living on their own. For more information on our programs, please click on any of the levels of care below.



Casa Serena

The Location

Located in beautiful Santa Barbara and a few blocks from the ocean, Casa Serena is truly a destination treatment and rehab center for women in recovery from alcohol and drugs. Our two charming Victorian Homes are nestled in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, near cultural landmarks and sprawling beaches. With sizable bedrooms and beautiful private backyards alongside vegetable and flower gardens, we deliver our suite of services in a comfortable home environment.

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We can verify your insurance benefits in minutes. Please submit your information in our confidential insurance benefits verification form, and someone from our admissions team will be in contact to review your benefits.

Please note: At this time we do not take Medicare, Medi-Cal or Cen-Cal plans.

Don’t See Your Insurance Provider Listed?

Do not be discouraged if you are not seeing your insurance provider listed on our website. We take many types of insurance, and you may still qualify for coverage. Please fill out our benefits verification form and we will be in contact shortly with program and pricing options.

Casa Serena Treatment Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Casa Serena is a rehab program designed for women-specific treatment. We understand how women can feel particularly vulnerable when examining their underlying issues from the disease of addiction. Gender specific treatment provides the safety and containment needed in order for women to feel comfortable letting down their guard, and doing the deep recovery work that will bring them freedom from alcohol and drug dependency. We are a unique program that recognizes all journeys are not the same. As the only nonprofit treatment center for women in Santa Barbara, we stand behind the fact that we are not in this for financial gain, and we have proudly been helping women recover in the same beautiful home for over 60 years.

Yes. We welcome you at any stage of your pregnancy, and we will help connect you with the valuable resources you and your precious little one will need before and after delivery.

At Casa Serena, we recognize that not everyone is able to devote the same amount of time toward their length of stay. While longer stays in rehab treatment tend to yield better outcomes, we will meet you where you are at in terms of your ability to commit to a treatment time. We offer 30, 60, and 90 day lengths of stay, with the flexibility to design each program to your individual needs. As you move through the treatment process, we slowly begin incorporating your aftercare plan as we surround you with the support you need to maintain lifetime sobriety.

There are many different modalities that professionals use to treat substance use and dual diagnosis disorders. At Casa Serena, our therapy approach is designed to target the underlying issues that have caused a person to self-destruct with drugs and alcohol. The interventions offered include DBT, CBT, ACT, Trauma Informed Therapy, and Shame Resiliency.

Yes. Casa Serena Treatment Programs for Women offers a sub-acute, medically managed residential detox program. Medically-managed residential detox services are appropriate for clients whose level of physiological dependence on alcohol and/or other drugs requires prescribed medication for the management of withdrawal.

Casa Serena Treatment Programs for Women accepts all private health insurance plans. Many insurance providers will cover the entire cost of your treatment with us. Each individual insurance plan offers different types of coverage, so our verification of benefits team is always available to immediately check your eligibility for our program.

Family can play a key role in motivating and encouraging individuals to enter and stay in treatment. Involvement of an individual’s identified family can help strengthen and extend all treatment benefits. At Casa Serena, we understand the importance of family during the treatment process. We offer a unique family immersion program and family therapy to support your family’s involvement in the treatment process.

At Casa Serena we do not believe that relapse means failure. Instead, we look at the factors that may have caused relapse. To avoid relapse, all clients receive a collaborative initial treatment plan within 24 hours of admission to our facility. Treatment goals and objectives are identified, and individual plans of care are created to encompass all treatment services needed. We also encourage the proper after care to extend the integrity of treatment. In collaboration with the client, we arrange aftercare providers, coordinate care with existing providers and make referrals to appropriate treatment programs and services.

At Casa Serena our programs provide evidence-based treatment services while building community, instilling self-determination and empowering our clients with educational opportunities and financial literacy.

Some of the skills and training we offer include:

  • Vocational Support
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Manners
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Social Skills
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Resume Writing
  • Professional Etiquette

Yes. Casa Serena offers financial aid for those with limited resources. Our admissions department can help design a payment plan that works for you.

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