Are women more likely to develop cocaine addiction? You might be asking for yourself or for someone in your family. If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, it’s important to find the right cocaine women’s drug rehab center for gender-specific treatment that offers multiple levels of care. 

Access to gender-specific care and multiple levels of cocaine women’s addiction treatment means you or your loved one are more likely to find the level of care that suits your needs today.

Casa Serena Treatment is a premiere women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Santa Barbara

Are Women More Likely to Develop Cocaine Addiction?

Research indicates that women are more likely to experience the effects of certain drugs differently because of their hormonal and genetic makeup. Cocaine is one such drug that affects women differently. Hormones in women can increase the risk of developing a cocaine addiction.

Compared to men, women have much faster highs and more intense feelings when they use cocaine. For women, there is more activity in the brain’s reward center than in their male counterparts, and this increased activity leads to severe cravings. As such, even when women try small amounts of cocaine, they are more likely to develop an addiction, and it becomes even harder to overcome that addiction.

Thankfully, if you are struggling with addiction to cocaine as a woman, you can find women-specific treatment at facilities that understand these genetic differences and can curate your recovery plan accordingly.


  • Women are more likely to become addicted to substances after smaller amounts compared to men
  • Over twenty-six million women over the age of eighteen have used illegal drugs in the last year
  • Women are more likely to relapse after treatment
  • Hormones can make women more sensitive to certain drug effects
  • Women experience different changes in their brains compared to men
  • Women are more likely to experience an overdose or be admitted to a hospital for an overdose compared to men

Finding Cocaine Women’s Addiction Treatment

If you are ready for cocaine treatment, the hardest part of admitting you need help is behind you, but now you have to find the right facility. 


Verify the types of resources the facility has. Check on things like the credentials of any mental health counselors, what kind of medical professionals regularly work at the facility, and any unique resources or programs they provide.

When you talk to the admission staff, don’t be afraid to ask about this information and make a list so that you can compare different programs at a given facility or different facilities.


Covering the cost of treatment is one of the biggest inhibitors to getting help. That is why asking admissions teams about payment options, including what insurance plans they accept, is so important. Most people are unaware that their healthcare will provide rudimentary mental health services, including addiction treatment. While some of the cost might come out of pocket, saving a significant percentage can make a recovery possible.

In addition to their insurance options, ask about alternative payment options. You might want to set up a payment plan or get directed toward any financial aid options a facility might provide.

Tour the Facility

Don’t be afraid to tour the facility. Many facilities offer in-person tours or virtual tours. This can give you an opportunity to see how you feel in the setting before you commit to treatment. Some facilities specialize in outdoor environments near the ocean, in the woods, or outside of a busy town, which might be preferred. 

Why Choose Casa Serena Cocaine Womens Drug Rehab Center

Casa Serena has a beautiful facility along the Southern California coast. As a women’s treatment center, we provide specialized cocaine addiction recovery plans for women led by women. 

Casa Serena specializes in women’s cocaine addiction treatment, with multiple levels of care available. Many clients benefit from transitional levels of care. This means moving from residential, full-time care to something more flexible like PHP or IOP. 

We might start you with a detox program and an inpatient plan. If you have already participated in an inpatient or residential program, a partial hospitalization program gives you continued access to the daytime structure and a full-time commitment to your recovery but an opportunity to practice the skills you have learned when you return home in the evenings.

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