The words “holistic treatment” or “holistic medicine” are used with growing frequency today. As part of medical interventions, mental health treatment services, and addiction treatment, holistic approaches are growing in interest and popularity. It is important to mention that many holistic interventions are not typically standalone treatments; instead, they are used to complement or enhance traditional, evidence-based therapy models. By combining proven and trusted addiction treatment interventions with holistic treatment approaches, treatment professionals at Casa Serena can offer a more well-rounded, comprehensive approach to addiction treatment.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment models or holistic therapies are non-medicinal treatment models. Common examples of holistic treatments in addiction treatment include yoga, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, art and music therapies, spiritual therapy, exercise, and nutrition counseling. Holistic addiction treatment aims to refocus the mind, body, and spirit to align.

When you choose a rehab that offers holistic therapy options like Casa Serena’s women-only addiction treatment programs, your individually designed program will include both traditional and holistic treatment models. As you begin your sobriety journey, skilled therapists will work with you to heal the physical and psychological struggles of addiction while addressing the nutritional and emotional challenges that often impact your ability to safely and effectively recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

What are the Benefits of Holistic Treatment?

There are many benefits to holistic addiction treatment. By using a treatment approach designed to heal the body and mind, therapy addresses more than just the addiction. First, holistic treatment treats all aspects of the person. Addiction is a disease that affects the person’s physical, psychological, and spiritual elements. A holistic approach to treatment ensures all of these elements are addressed, leading to positive treatment outcomes.

Individualized care is another benefit of holistic treatment. Because addiction is an illness that affects everyone differently, it is essential for treatment to address the person’s unique needs, not the addiction itself. A holistic approach to treatment ensures your treatment program is tailored to your individual treatment needs, beliefs and goals. A holistic approach addresses the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social needs of the individual seeking help in a way that traditional “medicine-based” treatment cannot.

Holistic addiction treatment also provides the opportunity to learn more about yourself as you work towards sobriety. Many holistic approaches focus on the value of self-reflection and self-care. These specific treatment characteristics allow you to explore where you are, who you are, and what is most important to you as you heal. Holistic approaches also encourage patients to reconnect and rebuild lost relationships with friends, family, and loved ones.

How to Find Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Near Me

Successful addiction holistic therapy programs focus on healing the whole person. A holistic program combines elements of proven, tested, and successful evidence-based addiction treatment models with holistic treatment techniques. These treatment models help heal the mind, body, and spirit when used simultaneously. Holistic addiction treatment at Casa Serena focuses on helping you find a healthy balance in all aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

During therapy, you will learn more about the roots of addiction. By incorporating holistic approaches into your treatment plan, you will learn more about safer and more effective ways to manage daily stressors and emotional struggles that often lead to relapse after you complete addiction treatment.

The journey to overcoming addiction is a path unique to the person. The impacts of addiction affect not only the addict but also their family and loved ones. The best way to overcome addiction will be different for every person. Therefore, it is essential to seek help from a treatment program where the therapeutic interventions match your needs. For many, choosing a holistic treatment program that incorporates evidence-based treatments with holistic approaches can offer the most significant opportunities for positive treatment outcomes. If you or a loved one are ready to begin your journey to putting struggles with drug or alcohol addiction in the past, it is essential to choose a treatment program that cares for your needs as a whole person. Holistic addiction treatment addresses addiction needs of all kinds and all levels of severity. Let the team at Casa Serena help you start your journey towards wellness. Contact us today to learn more about Casa Serena and holistic addiction treatment for women.

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