Addictions (or substance use disorder) are a disease that has profound and notable physical and functional effects on the brain. Addiction is characterized by an overwhelming urge to use despite known harmful physical and psychological effects on the user and their loved ones. Sometimes addiction can begin due to experimentation. Other times, it evolves from using prescription medications provided by a medical provider to reduce the intensity or severity of illness or pain-related symptoms. 

The risk of developing an addiction varies based on the person, the substance or substances used, and the frequency and amount of use. This is not to say that one must use it for a long time to develop an addiction to drugs. In some instances, addiction can develop quickly, even after just one use. Without comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment, achieving and maintaining sobriety can be challenging. 

What Are the Signs of Drug Addiction? 

The signs of drug addiction often vary. Not all drugs produce the same effects, and not every person will react in the same way to drugs. Although there are differences, drug addiction signs will be either physical, psychological, or behavioral. Physical symptoms are often the easiest to recognize as they are the most outwardly visible. Common physical symptoms may include bloodshot eyes or pupil changes, changes in appetite, weight changes, changes in sleeping patterns, and changes in personal hygiene.

Psychological changes are those that affect the user’s mental state or mood. For example, personality or mood changes, sudden mood swings, irritability or aggression, paranoia, fear, or anxiety. You may also notice new or worsening mental health symptoms related to conditions like depression or anxiety. Behavioral changes may include new or worsening legal troubles, skipping work or school, changes to social circles, and drug-seeking behavior. 

Again, the signs of drug addiction will vary between substances and people. However, the above are common across most situations. If you are concerned about a friend or loved one, contact us at Casa Serena today to learn more about addiction treatment at our women-only treatment center. 

What Are Addiction Services “Near Me?”

There are thousands of addiction treatment centers across the nation; however, not all provide the same level of care or the same treatment models. Also, some facilities such as Casa Serena offer specialized services like gender-specific or LGBTQ-specific treatment facilities, veteran-focused care, or care focused on the needs of first responders. Although it can be beneficial to travel to seek treatment in some cases, it is not possible for everyone. Addiction services close to home are those that provide the level of care you need in a safe and supported setting. 

Why You Should Look For Addiction Services Near Me if You Are Struggle With Addiction

Several factors prevent many women in need of addiction treatment from seeking the help they need to overcome drugs. Whether it’s responsibilities at home, work, or motherhood, the important responsibilities you have to your family may limit your ability to seek help at a facility far from home. At Casa Serena, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment services close to home. Our caring and compassionate team of treatment professionals at our women-only treatment center will work with you to design a comprehensive treatment program that helps you get sober while feeling safe and supported. 

We understand how difficult it may be to decide to seek help. We also realize seeking help in a strange place may add to your fears and worries. At Casa Serena, we are here to help. If you would like to learn more about our women-only drug addiction services near you, contact us today.  

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