Addiction is a disease faced by more than twenty-one million American’s every year. Like many chronic illnesses, it is one without a cure; however, with comprehensive, holistic addiction treatment, it is possible to overcome the difficulties of addiction and live a healthy, happy life without drugs or alcohol. The first step on the path to freedom from substances is acknowledging and understanding the signs and symptoms of addiction. 

General Signs & Symptoms of Addiction

Most addictions involve various physical and psychological effects. It is important to remember that each person who struggles with addiction does so in their own way. Although two people may share the same addiction, they will not experience the same signs and symptoms. Despite the individual nature of addiction, there are several common indicators experienced in many cases. 

Symptoms of addiction are experienced by the person with the addiction. They may or may not be outwardly visible to friends and loved ones. Symptoms of addiction you may experience include increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms if you reduce or try to stop using, and an increased concern about getting and using substances. You may also notice extreme changes in mood, changes in your sleeping patterns, reduced energy levels, changes in weight, and a chronic state of “feeling unwell.”

Signs of addiction are the characteristics of addiction that can be seen by others. Signs are often behavioral changes such as lying, stealing, voluntary isolation, new or worsening financial, legal, or relationship difficulties, and the presence of drugs or drug paraphernalia. Depending on the nature and severity of one’s addiction, certain physical symptoms are often visible to others. 

How to Determine if You Are an Addict

If you are concerned you may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, you likely are. Asking yourself some of the following questions about your relationship with substances may help provide additional insight into your addiction and how you can benefit from seeking treatment at Casa Serena’s Santa Barbara, CA, drug and alcohol rehab.

Addiction impacts the addict, their loved ones, friends, and members of their social circle. Considering the effects of addiction can help you determine if your struggles with drugs or alcohol could be an addiction. Consider essential questions such as is your substance use concerning you or your loved ones? Are your important personal relationships suffering because of your substance use? Do you face adverse outcomes from your substance use? Are you experiencing financial, legal, or relationship difficulties because of your substance use? Do you experience cravings or use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate? 

Although these are not the only questions or concerns that could indicate you have an addiction, they provide a place to start when considering your relationship with substances. Many who struggle with addiction are consumed by the urge and “need” to drink or use to the extent that substance use and abuse take over many aspects of their lives. When you are addicted, you may obsess about using when you are sober or turn to drugs and alcohol to treat another physical or mental health condition. When you are sober, you may experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. 

Reach Out to Casa Serena Today for Help With Addiction

Acknowledging that you have an addiction is the first and vital step on the path to recovery. Suppose you answered yes to even one of the questions above. In that case, it could indicate you have a substance abuse problem, and seeking addiction treatment could provide the best opportunities for sobriety and long-term recovery. If you are ready to learn more about how an individually designed addiction treatment program at our Santa Barbara rehab could help you achieve your sobriety goals, reach out to Casa Serena today. 

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