Family Matters at Casa Serena

We recognize families are essential partners in building strategies for a healthy family system. Casa Serena’s Family Immersion Program is designed to provide education, treatment, and support to the children and other family members and loved ones inflicted with the devastating effects of substance abuse and mental illness. This comprehensive program consists of:

  • Multi-Family Process Group for immediate and extended family members
  • Parenting Program for mothers and mothers-to-be
  • Individual Family Sessions
  • Family BBQ’s and Dinner Nights
  • Lifetime Aftercare for Families

Providing an evidence-based curriculum, we actively engage participating families with interventions that directly address the multidimensional causes of an unhealthy family system, including relationship building, education, collaboration, problem solving, conflict resolution, and parent coaching. By applying these informed practices, family members acquire new skills for developing positive strategies for change.

For more details on our Family Program, every Sunday at our Residential Location, click here.