Lifetime Aftercare
We offer Lifetime Aftercare at Casa Serena!

We recognize alumni as having an impactful presence for new clients. As a graduate of any of our programs, you are part of the Casa Serena family forever. We provide a touchstone for your recovery by welcoming you wherever you are to join us weekly for our Alumni groups. We also have barbecues, dinners, holiday celebrations, and special events just for you.

Decidely familiar women embracing upon a sandy shore. Is that hand on the tummy a coincidence or is some lucky young ladies life about to change?
As a woman in recovery and now a Casa Girl, you have much to offer our new residents in the way of experience, strength, and hope. These groups are designed to keep you connected, share your story, receive guidance during trying times, celebrate milestones and so much more.
Three young women joyously gaze upon a cellular telephone device. 'What's their humorous secret?', we all wonder.
An almost suspiciously multi-ethnic array of hands come together, overlapping, in one glorious mess of keratin tipped digitry.