Phase IV – Up to 9 Months of Additional Treatment and Support

Casa Serena’s Grad House program provides continued support after completion of the Main House program.

Program Overview

Women may transition into our Grad House and live there for up to an additional nine months. The Grad House program provides longer-term care, offering women an opportunity to build a stronger foundation for their new-found recovery.

Women at Grad House are required to work, volunteer or attend school at least 30 hours per week. They continue to participate in individual, group and peer sessions and attend 12-step meetings. Each year Grad House serves approximately 35 women. After their stay, most women move into their own home or re-join family members.


  • Two houses on the property
  • 24/7 staff on site
  • Twin size beds
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Full kitchen
  • Large backyard
  • BBQ