At Casa Serena, we bring the family dinner hour back and help clients connect and learn to socialize. Our Gardening and Culinary Program emphasizes connection with self, encourages teamwork, and fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment. We use local ingredients and partner with our community to create delicious, seasonal meals every night. Using herbs and many vegetables that we grow and care for in our weekly Gardening Process Group, clients cook once a week with a partner who assists in the chopping, dessert making, and preparing the table with flowers from our garden. Meal planning is collaborative, and clients often ask to create a family recipe or a comfort food they enjoyed growing up. We sit down together in our lovely dining room or our outside garden for el fresco dining and enjoy delicious, homemade meals every evening.

This process is designed to help clients create meal plans, utilize local and seasonal produce, understand nutrition, develop new healthy routines, and encourage relationship building and bonding. We welcome family members and loved ones to join us – listen for the dinner bell!