The pandemic has had a devastating effect on mental health and substance abuse in our community and our waiting list is FULL of women seeking recovery. Now, MORE WOMEN than ever before need help with addiction. Please know your support creates hope for women and families who are desperately trying to find their way to joyous and purposeful lives. You make all the difference in their journey.

Lisette and the team at Casa Serena

Sixty years ago, Casa Serena was founded by a local Santa Barbara resident as a solution to the problem women alcoholics were facing at the time. In 1959 there was nowhere for them to go to get help for their addiction. For sixty years, Casa Serena has been sheltering women and their children from the devastating effects of alcoholism and drug abuse. We have helped thousands of families navigate the difficult journey from self-medication to self-love. We have walked with them through the depths of hurt, fear, sadness and pain to uncover the joy that waits beneath the surface. For sixty years, we have built new lives and reunited families.

Most of us needn’t look too far to understand the ripple effect of addiction. A parent, a sibling, a friend, a neighbor, a coworker, a spouse, a child, a newborn. We are all affected. As a community, we pledge to love these broken women until they learn to love themselves. Casa Serena receives its funding primarily through individual donors and local foundations who seek to create opportunities for a new life for those inflicted with this disease. These donations and grants are used to fund our therapeutic recovery programs such as Trauma Resiliency, Child Unification and Parent Coaching, and our Family Immersion Program.

We thank you so very much for supporting our mission over the years and invite you to donate or become a sponsor. Your generous continued assistance is crucial in helping women and their families recover.

Donations & Sponsorships
Mildred Pinheiro opened Casa Serena’s doors in 1959 to provide a safe, sober living environment for women seeking help in their struggle with alcoholism.

Women are empowered to seek a life worth living while receiving treatment services for substance abuse and underlying mental health issues.


Families are transformed through intensive therapeutic programs that yield critical tools for success.


Women, children and families find serenity in their new lives upon graduating from Casa Serena’s programs.