Phase I, II & III – Structured 90 day program

With a capacity of 18 residents, Main House provides a structured, nurturing environment for over 100 women struggling with the diseases of addiction every year.

Program Overview

We offer a structured 90-day program delivered in III Phases. Upon entry a client is introduced to our case manager and assigned a counselor that works with her to develop the recovery goals and action steps that will guide her recovery.

Phase I is the two to four week reflection (restriction) period and intensive recovery counseling. In addition,this time includes not leaving the facility unless it is with the group and a staff member to attend outside meetings. There are no outside appointments or electronics allowed, including cell phones. Women participate at least four hours each day in educational and process groups and begin to work with a sponsor to incorporate the 12-step process into their lives. Led by Casa Serena’s experienced staff, counselors and other community members, the groups help the participants focus on seeing a broader reality, overcoming denial and gaining greater acceptance of personal responsibility.

In Phase II, women are expected to volunteer in the community and are given small amounts of free time daily to allow for cell phone use. This is in addition to the activities outlined in Phase I. Free time allows for clients to experience real world stressors (and sober fun), returning to a safe environment to process their experiences and identify their triggers.

After 6-8 weeks, they enter Phase III, and may begin to seek employment and start the process of becoming self-supporting, or begin furthering their education. Their self-esteem will be enhanced as they become more independent and begin to feel empowered by their efforts. Clients’ real life experiences, and the feelings that are triggered while job searching, working, going to school or volunteering, keep the group sessions immediate and relevant.

Women learn about their disease and related factors, are oriented to 12-Step philosophy and recovery groups, participate in recreation and sober activities and experience the power of yoga and meditation. Individual counseling sessions are used for reviewing progress, updating treatment plan goals and discussing issues that may be too sensitive to be dealt with in a group setting.

At Main House, special classes such as family counseling, parenting education, art therapy, shame resiliency, career counseling, co-dependency, behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention are also offered. Main House provides Drug and Alcohol, H.I.V. and Hepatitis C testing and education. If needed, Main House counselors coordinate case management meetings with Social Services, Probation and Parole Officers.

Our Therapeutic Services

  • Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling
  • CBT & DBT Therapy
  • Trauma Resiliency Skills and PTSD
  • Gardening and Horticultural Therapy
  • Family and Parenting Groups
  • Grief and Loss
  • Shame Reduction
  • Experiential Outings
  • Case Management
  • Job Readiness and Continuing Education Programs
  • Yoga and Meditation


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