Our Success Stories

This is a page dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of Casa Serena graduates. These are exceptional women that have completed Casa Serena’s program  and are doing remarkable things!

Monthly Alumnae Services

1st Monday-Family/Alumnae Support Group @ 6 pm. Former residents and their family members, as well as current resident’s families are invited. Current residents do not attend this group. Focus is support and self-care for family members.
3rd Monday-Join us for our Monthly Alumnae and Family BBQ on the third Monday of every month! Dinner at the Main House @ 5 pm and/or Family/Alumnae Support Group @ 6 pm. Former residents and their family members, as well as current resident’s families are invited. Focus is relationship building, support and self-care for family members while developing a deeper understanding of addiction through alumnae interactions. Call to reserve at 805.966.1260 x 1.
1st Thursday- Alumna Speaker Meeting from 6:15-7:15. We have graduates come and speak to all three houses on the 1st Thursday of every month. Focus is on how their own experiences facilitate hope in new residents through identification and acceptance. All former residents are invited to attend.

Casa Serena Alumnae


Chantel entered Casa Serena on March 7th, 2013 and stayed for 9 months. She “built a really strong foundation for her sobriety with the help of the wonderful Casa Serena staff.” She states, “I’ve maintained my current job since June of 2013, have become married and had a beautiful baby boy in February 2015. I’m very grateful for my life today and the friends and support that I have. I couldn’t have done it without the help I received from Casa Serena and the grace of God.”


Lisa entered Casa Serena April of 2013. She lived at the Main House for 3 months and continued on to the Oliver House with her now five year old son Jace for an additional 9 months. Lisa is currently a full time student at Santa Barbara City College where she is completing her studies in the Drug and Alcohol Counseling Program. She is on the National Honor Roll and a recipient of The Marion Alves Scholarship. She has a passion for working with women and children because of the love, guidance, and support she received at Casa Serena.

Casa Serena Alumnae
Casa Serena Alumnae


Heather was born in Santa Barbara, raised in Lompoc. She was an Honor’s student throughout school and a classically trained violinist. Heather loves music and attends lots of concerts. She has two children, Noah and Triple J, whom she loves so much. She loves animals, and worked with dogs for 6 years. She currently is managing the Daily Grind and is living at The Stalwart House after completing Casa Serena’s year long treatment program. Congratulations Heather!


First and foremost Loretta is a graduate of Casa Serena. sobriety date 2/5/82, Casa Serena Graduate 1982 Have sponsored women for over 32 years Service work includes: speaker, sponsor, GSR, DCM, past president of orange county national council on alcoholism, and aa convention service work. graduated from UCI alcohol & drug treatment program Member of original AA group that started Creating A Sober World and introduced AA to Russia in 1986. Attended 20th Russia AA celebration in 2006 Published in the book titled “The Glories of Sobriety”.

Casa Serena Alumnae
Casa Serena Alumnae


Alicia was a resident at Casa Serena in 2011 and continued on to the Graduate House. She worked as a Project Assistant at Casa Serena. She is currently an ADS student and works for a marketing company as a supervisor. She has been sober for 3.5 years. Alicia moved to California when she was 10 years old from Nebraska with her family, which she loves. Way to go Alicia!


Johanne entered Casa Serena in July 2013, graduated and went to the Grad House, where she stayed for a total of 11 months. While at Casa she was able to regain custody of her 3 children. Johanne graduated from Santa Barbara City College with an AS in Justice Studies Criminology and she is working towards a BS in accounting. Johanne is employed at Aaron Brothers where she has been placed in the bridge program for a manager position. Johanne says that “Casa Serena gave me the foundation and th‎e ability to be a wife, a mother, a friend, an employee but most importantly, a sober woman, which I am and will be so forever grateful.” You are a rockstar Johanne!

Casa Serena Alumnae
Casa Serena Alumnae


Kacey entered Casa Serena in November 2012, and upon graduation moved to the Grad House where she stayed until August 2013. She is currently enrolled at Santa Barbara City College, where she is on the National Honor Roll and is working on degrees in both Administration of Justice and Psychology. Kacey loves Santa Barbara, and because of her experience at Casa Serena, has renewed faith in the power of women helping each other.


Brenda is a graduate of Casa Serena, where she found her start in her relationship and recovery with women in our community. Since then she has graduated from SBCC and became a certified drug and alcohol counselor, working as an equine learning assisted therapist. Brenda also earned her Associates Degree in Native American studies and works with her mentor at BIG Heart Ranch in Malibu. Brenda ran and facilitated The Giving Tree Sober Living Homes for women in Santa Barbara. She recently has opened her own sober living home called Back to Basics. She is known and respected in our community and loves helping people.

Casa Serena Alumnae
Casa Serena Alumnae


Sosanna graduated from Casa Serena in September of 2011. She moved to the Graduate House, where she lived for six months, strengthening her sobriety foundation. She is currently a student at Santa Barbara City College, pursuing a career in early childhood education. Active in the sobriety community sponsoring women, she truly believes that if it weren’t for Casa Serena, she wouldn’t be sober today, living a life beyond her wildest dreams.


Nan is a Casa Serena graduate and works at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. She graduated from Antioch University in 2003 with her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. At one time, Nan was the Program Manager for Casa Serena and also served as a member of the Board. She is active in the recovery community and is loved by many.

Casa Serena Alumnae
Casa Serena Alumnae


Julianna, CAADAC, graduated Casa Serena in March 2007 and attended California State University in Bakersfield. She worked as a Drug and Alcohol Instructor/ Counselor in San Luis Obispo County Jail. She currently is the Director of Cinical Services for Ken Starr, MD. Julianna has recently opened a sober living in San Luis Obispo County named House of Serenity and continues to offer recovery and transformation to those who struggle with addiction.


Chana entered Casa Serena on December 5th, 2005. She lived at the Main House for 6 months and continued to the Oliver House for 12 months to build a strong foundation for herself and her children. While living at the Oliver House her children were returned to her from foster care. Chana remains clean and sober and is working for the County/Social Services. Ready to face the challenges each day brings, she is the proud mother of Cassidy, age eleven and Thomas, age nine,who are happy, healthy, and well adjusted. Chana was the spokesperson at Casa Serena’s Annual Celebrate Recovery Luncheon in 2010. She states “Thank you Casa Serena, for my life.”

Casa Serena Alumnae
Casa Serena Alumnae


Michelle graduated Casa Serena in 2000 and has been working in the field of recovery for over a decade. She is the founder and CEO of Personalized Recovery In home detox services. She is a Licensed Nurse, CAADAC counselor, Integrated Therapist, Restorative Yoga Instructor, Wellness coach and Organic Chef. She is passionate about helping people find recovery and motivating individuals towards healthy lifestyle changes. She attributes Casa Serena for helping her build her foundation in her Recovery.


Sarah graduated from Casa Serena in January, 2003. She moved to the Oliver House as a resident and later became the house mom on site until April 2005. She continues to sponsor women at Casa Serena. She recently graduated from Cal Lutheran University with her Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling.

Casa Serena Alumnae
Casa Serena Alumnae


Arielle entered the Casa Serena program in January of 2009, after discovering that she was pregnant with her elder son. He was born while she continued her stay at the Oliver House, graduating in February of 2010 and moving on to the St. Vincent’s PATHS program. Arielle went back to school shortly thereafter to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree. She is a Phi Theta Kappa honor student and the recipient of the WISP and Winslow Maxwell scholarships. She was the speaker at the annual Casa Serena Celebrate Recovery Luncheon in 2011, as well as the keynote speaker for the annual St. Vincent’s golf tournament in both 2010 and 2012. Arielle is currently the full time mother of three children ages 9 months through 13 years. When she is not helping with homework or driving her children to soccer practice and flamenco class, she is doing the administrative work for her husband’s business, taking aerial dance classes, active in the recovery community as a sponsor to other women and performing service work at the Los Prietos Boys Camp. She feels immeasurably grateful to Casa Serena for starting her on the path to the rich, full, and never boring life she enjoys today.

Annie F.

Annie F. entered Casa Serena in October of 2010 and completed 90 days of treatment. She moved to the Grad House where she stayed for 9 months.
Annie went to work for Inogen, a local medical device manufacturing company while living at the Grad House and became one of their most successful sales reps.
In 2014, Annie decided to return to school and study Alcohol and Drug counseling at Santa Barbara City College.
Annie credits Casa Serena for her foundation in recovery and is now a counselor at Casa Serena helping others find recovery.
She believes that helping other women to achieve sobriety is the cornerstone of her sobriety and her life of blessings and opportunity.



Samantha’s sobriety date is September 5, 1995, the day she came to Casa Serena. She has a Masters Degree in psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a jurist doctorate from Santa Barbara College Of Law. Sam went back to school in sobriety.

She is a unity holistic life coach and she teaches others how to “move from seeking relief to attaining freedom…”

She loves her dogs, Santa Barbara and loves to travel. Welcome home Sam!

All of these Casa Serena graduates have authorized the use of their story and their successes to inspire others that are beginning their own personal journey of recovery and healing.